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Ocean Family Foundation

Today, our oceans are in peril due to issues such as Pollution, Overfishsing and Deep Sea Trawling.

The Ocean Family Foundation campaigns for change, to create a better biodiversity for the world’s largest ecosystem.

Our identity is an emotional response that represents both the ocean's fragility and its purity. The saline which exists within the world's ocean, exists in our own human tears. Born into fluids, every beach we visit and every drop we drink strengthens our connection to the ocean.

Teaming up with world-leading sail manufacturer, North Sails, our aim was simple: to educate future generations and bring them together like a family in a positive, emotive and powerful way, making every drop count. 

From knowing comes caring and from caring comes change…

Creative Director - Mark Bonner

Designer - Brinley Clark

Animation - Johnathan Lax

Agency - GBH

Ocean Family Foundation

Ocean Family Foundation

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