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Vincross Hexa

HEXA is the first of a new generation of accessible robots from Vincross. A Hexapod in form, it’s agile, dexterous and highly maneuverable shape is powered by an accessible OS called MIND via App, Desktop or GoLang code.

The brand identity for HEXA conveys its shape, the MIND OS that lives inside, and enables the MIND component to feature in future accessible robot product names and identities. The solution was found in HEXA’s pioneering hexapod form and the idea of an asterisk ‘multiplier’, used in programmer code to represent multiplication.

HEXA’s website is split into two content strands: ‘HEXA’ and MIND. Video was created to show the user experience from the two viewpoints; HEXA’s own and from the users POV, featuring interaction with the MIND OS. 

HEXA. Powered by You.

Creative Director - Mark Bonner

Designer - Brinley Clark, Heidi Shepherd, Jack Mercer

Digital Designer - Liam Hine

Photography - Si West

Film Production - Shoot Media

Agency - GBH

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