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Argos brand transformation

Argos is a UK retail institution. 40 years of heritage with a unique model of retailing. Well loved, but an old world catalogue company that needed to transform in a big way. Repositioning was the start to unlock reappraisal
amongst UK consumers. The brand became fuelled with energy, attitude and dynamism – bringing heartbeats
to a retail category somewhat flooded with heartstrings. 


We evolved Argos’ own brand portfolio, creating a premium Collection range, a mid-priced Home range and a basic value offering. Starting from just £0.99, Simple Value is a range of 140 everyday essential products for the home. We created an award-winning identity and a bespoke typeface which used simple and honest product descriptors to elevate ‘basic’ to something engaging and desirable. From employee engagement initiatives and service innovation ideas to a new approach to the catalogue and a Christmas wishlist app, we continue to work with Argos to keep this retail pioneer one step ahead.

Creative Director - Dave Roberts

Design Director - Mark Wood

Designer - Brinley Clark



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